It's not long before the army is informed about the rogue soldier incident and a team is sent in to deal with the situation. With John's mental condition now rapidly deteriorating and his behaviour becoming more erratic by the hour 'James' begins to plan his own escape. As the stand off reaches boiling point 'John' is now way past the point of no return. With the clock rapidly counting down and the lives of several men now hanging in the balance, the emotionally unstable soldier prepares himself . . . for his final showdown!

After spending a year away fighting for his country in the notorious Helmands Province 'John Kilroy' returns home after surviving a tragic hostage situation to rejoin his younger brother 'James' in their remote country cottage in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. It does not take long before the mental scars of his ordeal begin to surface and the true horror of the man that now lies beneath is gradually revealed.

When 'John's' younger brother 'James' admits that he too has just recently signed up to fight in the war, John takes him hostage within the confines of their own home in the Scottish hills.


'There was a time and a place when John Kilroy lived a normal life with his brother James. If only things had remained that way . . . . . . . If only'.

'My Brother's Keeper' is the latest feature film from award winning Scottish Director Lee Hutcheon, with compelling performances from a wealth of new British screen talent and a twisting plot, 'My Brother's Keeper' takes the audience on a roller coaster journey into the mind of a mentally ill soldier within the midst of his tragic downfall which results in deadly consequences. As the odds become stacked against him and with his mental condition spiraling out of control 'John Kilroy' prepares himself for the inevitable as the army rapidly closes in.

After a year of production 'My Brother's Keeper' has just recently been completed and is now being presented to a number of global distributors for potential acquisition.

Distributors wishing to view the film should email Clanfilms@aol.com for further screening information.


'How on God's earth could this have ever happened'. . .


. . . . 'The thing is . . . it did happen Mr Malone . . . it did!'.