Q&A with Lee Hutcheon . . .

Ques: What first made you want to make this film?

Ans: I wanted to make a film that showed the reality of some of the stuff we used to get up to when we were kids whilst being brought up in these kind of neighbourhoods.

Ques: Is this the kind of things you used to get up to?

Ans: I think this is mild compared to some of the things we used to get up to. We were proper little shits back then. . . I suppose there are some similarities though.

Ques: Is there a message you wanted to get across through this film?

Ans: Yes! Play wi fire and ye get burned. Simple as that. It's got to be every father's nightmare having this happen to your own kid. I've got two kids and I'v definitely had many sleepless nights thinking about this kind of thing happening to them.

Ques: How difficult was it to make the film on your own?

Ans: Truth be told, I never set out to make a feature film at all. This all started out as a camera test, believe it or not. Then after looking at some of the footage I decided to take things further. I loved the raw feel of some of the neighbourhood areas I had shot these tests in. Then after revisiting some of my old neighbourhood haunts I started to piece together some stories and tackled them one scene at a time. Next thing I knew I was holding four kids hostage in the back of a car with a small film crew shooting a feature film in the summer of 2002.

Ques: How do you feel about your first film 'In A Man's World', being that you have now went on to do bigger more elaborate productions.

Ans: I'm still proud of 'In A Man's World'. Ok, it's raw and rough around the edges, and it's probably more realer than real. But what people have to remember is that this film was done on nothing at all. To overcome all those odds and achieve the unachievable is something that I'm still quite proud of. Anyone who knows anything about filmmaking will know how difficult it is making a short film on no money, never mind a feature film. This is why very few people in the world have done it.