'A fitting testimony to the disaster victims'.

RICHARD CAREY Chief Executive of the NHS Grampian



'An amazing tribute to all of the Piper Alpha Survivors'

CHARLIE LAMB Piper Alpha Survivor



'Everybody working in the North Sea should be made to watch this film'

PAT BALLANTYNE Wife of the late Bob Ballantyne (Piper Alpha Survivor and spokesman).



'Very powerful and very well done indeed'.

. . . An excellent production!

PROFESSOR DAVID ALEXANDER Psychiatrist to Piper Alpha Survivors/Trauma expert



'This film makes sure that the world never forgets what we had to go through

. . . A remarkable achievement.'

ROY CAREY Piper Alpha Survivor



'I'm grateful this film has been made. It serves as a fitting tribute to those lost, while acknowledging the bravery and camaraderie of the survivors and their families.

The film will bring home the 'human side' of that 'incident' to any worker watching it. It should be compulsory viewing on every installation

. . . Excellent!'

JAKE MOLLOY Head of the OILC Offshore Worker's Union



'The world needs to be educated about what happened to my own dad and his colleagues onboard Piper Alpha that night. This can never be allowed to happen again . . . This film must be seen!

MARK MAHONEY Lost his father onboard Piper Alpha



Piper Alpha was a major episode in my life as it was for so many and I met so many brave survivors and bereaved families that I will never forget the catastrophe for as long as I live.

. . . This film is very sensitive in the way that it approaches the subject matter, and the filmmaker's efforts will most definitely ensure that this disaster never becomes merely history.'

DAVID BURNSIDE Lawyer to Piper Alpha Families and Survivors



'I knew my father was across on Piper, yet I was forced to stand helpless onboard the 'Claymore' platform that night as it continued to pump fuel straight into the heart of my own father's inferno . . . . 'No son should be forced to go through that!

GARY MILLER Lost his father onboard Piper Alpha



'For 20 years I've waited for our story to be told, and now it has been told in the most respectful and fitting way.

STEVE RAY Piper Alpha Survivor



'As it did to myself, this film will most definitely educate the younger generation about this Disaster and the families that it affected. The men who lost their lives that night should never ever be forgotten.'

KERRY MILLER Lost her grandfather onboard Piper Alpha




'Lest We Forget'


'The Men Of Piper Alpha' was screened before it's very first audience on Wednesday the 3rd of December 2008 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. Among the 250 people attending this private viewing were some of the families, survivors and individuals who were heavily affected by the disaster itself. Below we have listed just a few of their comments.

'I've dedicated a year of my life to the telling of this story with the sole aim of educating the younger generation about this horrific disaster and at the same time making sure that the world never forgets about the events of July 6th 1988 and the men who lost their lives that night. To get a reaction like this from those who were directly affected

. . . makes every minute worthwhile.'

LEE HUTCHEON Writer/Director/Producer 'The Men Of Piper Alpha'